Physiotherapy for Seniors Helps Heal Injuries and Prevent Falls

One reason for the increasing demand for Edinburgh physiotherapy is the rise in the senior citizen population, since seniors are more prone to physical injury. Women become significantly susceptible to developing osteoporosis, or low bone density, after menopause. That can lead to bone fractures; physiotherapy helps these women heal faster and become fully mobile again more quickly. That’s the case whether the patient simply needs time to recover or whether she needs an operation. A hip fracture, for instance, usually requires orthopedic surgery.

Older people also are more likely to be dealing with degenerative disc disease, or arthritis affecting the spine. That can cause discomfort and pain that prevents individuals from being as active as they’d like. Working on physiotherapy exercises at a facility such as Bodyworks Edinburgh helps seniors regain spinal flexibility and build spine strength so they feel better.

A practitioner of sports physiotherapy can provide preventive strategies for older people who are afraid of falling while exercising. That fear may be justified, but it also can lead to a lack of physical fitness due to a sedentary lifestyle. One promising method involves having patients practice staying on their feet if they stumble or lose balance. During the physiotherapy sessions, the patients are kept completely safe with specialized equipment.

Research has shown that this type of practice helps patients avoid falling out in the real world. They’ve developed the mental alertness, coordination and skill that are required to avoid injury. Older people who have fallen before are especially at risk of falling in the future for the same reason it happened the first time. During preventive physiotherapy sessions, they learn what behaviors could cause them to slip, trip or lose balance, and they adjust their behavior effectively.

It’s important for seniors to stay active so they continue to have good cardiovascular health, muscle tone and general flexibility. If they develop any strains or repetitive movement injuries from an athletic pursuit such as golf or tennis, physiotherapists can help them heal and get them back out on the course or court. In the meantime, they might want to participate in courses at the center, such as yoga or Pilates. Going for walks and taking bike rides are convenient activities to do at home to boost physiotherapy results.

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